Friday, January 29, 2010

Bite off more than you can chew

Since I started blogging barely 10 days back, something (good or bad is undecided yet) is happening with me. I have started reading more and more blogs, sometimes to see what others are writing about, sometimes to see how others are writing, sometimes inadvertently comparing my blog to others.

However in this process, I am reading more and more testing blogs. I never knew writing forces you to read. I had started writing because I thought I had some thoughts which arise out of my reading and thinking. And now my writing is forcing me to read more. What a nice relation!!!

Now that I am reading, I am reading a lot. It's good to know there's a lot to learn. I am reading more than I can later ponder on. Should I read less? Digest what I have read and then go on.

I think otherwise, I will read and read more. I know if it is worth pondering about, one of the best supercomputers (under-utilized to a great extent), my brain, would force me to think more about it.

I am awed by the ocean of knowledge lying on the web to be absorbed. And I am learning swimming by jumping into this mighty ocean with my life-jacket.

Do share your opinion on Biting off more than chewing.


  1. When u read a lot, I dont think its biting more than you can chew....Seeing movies, yes that can be heavy, but not reading!! In fact, considering the general human memory, the more u read, the more can u bring a lot of things to practice just from memory that you had read it somewhere...I am frequently accused of knowing a lot (this is as modest I get), but when I am asked the source, 99% of the cases its just that I read it somewhere...

  2. great post....good relation mapping...

  3. Reading is knowing....
    I spend more time on reading and to discover the unknown.

    Nice post...

  4. Santosh Shukla said...

    @The Devil's Advocate, @Tarang, @Tarik
    Thanks. Avid Readers like you give me the inspiration to read more.

    One Thought:
    If "Reading is knowing" and "Seeing is Believing", shouldn't we be learning more from youtube videos than reading blogs?

  5. This is a case of 'paradoxical proverbs' say, 'You're never too old to learn' which is gainst 'You can't teach an old dog new tricks'..or 'Birds of a feather flock together' as against 'Opposites attract'...or 'The pen is mightier than the sword' against 'Actions speak louder than words'....

    So, I guess proverbs are good to read (pun intended) but thats about it ;) !!