Thursday, June 17, 2010

Facebook listens to me :) and I win an iPad

Sorry for not being very active on the blog for some time. I have been real busy.

Proud tester felt a proud moment today. Facebook released the feature of liking the comments today on 17th June. Read more on it here:
So, why am I proud of it? Because I asked for it 5 days back on 12th June on Facebook. I updated my facebook status as "I like 'liking' the status messages. Dear Facebook, I'd like to 'like' the comments too. Too many excellent comments out there!!!" I am sure like me many others *may* have requested for it or the developer thought of it himself, but this doesn't make me any less happier.

As a tester, that too in an Agile team my job is not to be the last line of defense for my developers but to be able to support, provide information, and provide suggestions for enhancements or new features to the team.

So, this small moment of pride when my open suggestion was accepted by Facebook made me happy and I wanted to share with you. Being a tester, our job is to try to make things better: Either by getting the attention of the people who can fix it or by fixing it ourselves, if we have the knowledge and power.

And if some of you are unhappy about me writing about Sales and Social Media in my last post, I apologize. Both these subjects are also close to my heart as my day-to-day work involves around these. By the way, we had an internal blogging competition and I won an iPad...

Thanks to all you well wishers!!!

Happy Testing (making things better)!!!

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